• Pork butt (slice ¾” thick)5 #
  • Lemongrass Sauce & Marinade3 c

  • Wood chipsas needed



  • Place pork butt in one gallon Zip-loc bag, add Lemongrass Sauce & Marinade, and seal bag
  • Move meat in bag to coat evenly with Sauce
  • Marinate for 3 days, moving meat in bag after two days
  • Cold smoke for 1 hour – 1 hour, 15 minutes
    • Remove meat from bag, drain, and place on pan (pan needs to fit in smoker)
    • Place in freezer 20-30 minutes
    • Place wood chips in metal container on bottom of smoker (if possible, place metal container of ice in smoker to keep smoker cool)
    • Place meat on a rack in smoker, making sure to leave sufficient space around the food for the smoke to circulate
    • Burn wood chips and close smoker; smoke 45 minutes – 1 hour (check wood chips intermittently and relight if necessary)
  • Remove meat from smoker and store in new Zip-loc bag or airtight container; refrigerate or freeze and use when desired